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Permanent pond maintenance and responsibility agreement. An adjustable frame design gives your solar panel vendor selection flexibility as well as design adaptability. Present solar pond an experimental salinitygradient solar pond of area 1 m2. Development of a solar pond system design computer model. Energy is captured by creating a temperature gradient across the depth of the pond. Older ponds, too, can have a longer life span if good management techniques are followed. This technical note provides guidance for the design of solar powered water pump systems.

The purpose of the solar resource sheet figure 3 is to calculate the total daily insolation i. We are seeing growing interest in installing floating solar parks to conserve fresh water, including at hydroelectric plants, and especially in arid countries. Stormwater management design examples this chapter presents design examples for two hypothetical development sites in the state of new york. The result is that the concentration of any material leaving the pond is exactly the same as the concentration at any point in the pond. Design of small photovoltaic pv solar powered water pump systems technical note no. Because it relies on solar power, you dont need to connect unwieldy electrical extension cables just to maintain the pond outside. Pdf design of solar pond calculation and technique in africa. Solar pond, salt gradient, heat extraction, renewable energy, green energy 1. The schematics in the following pages do not encompass all of the possibilities and pond design configurations. Ponds n outflow from 50 year 24 hour storm credit can be given for other pipes through the dam and detention of flows. Pdf utilization of a solar pond facility as a sustainable energy. The saltwater naturally forms a vertical salinity gradient also known as a halocline, in which lowsalinity water floats on top of highsalinity water. Arab potash solar systema case study 83 centration gradient within the pond this is to say concentration are uniform throughout the pond 58. The helix design guide should be used as a reference to help determine which pond meets your goals and expectations.

Achieved design capacity of supplying 80,000 litres of hot water per day to the dairy at 70oc or above. Alternative methods of solar energy are discussed in part v. To reduce the cost of large solar thermal installations need more economical ways of collecting and storing solar energy an artificially constructed pond in which significant temperature rises are caused to occur in the lower regions by preventing convection is called a solar pond a solar pond is a body of water that collects and stores solar energy a solar pond can store solar. Solar pumps are used principally for three applications. Pdf on jan 1, 20, jerome godwin egbe jerome godwin egbe and others published design of solar pond calculation and technique in africa find, read and cite all the research you need on. Although research on the practical applications of solar ponds did not begin until the late 1940s, a natural lake particularly wellsuited for use as a solar pond was discovered in the transylvania region of eastern europe in the early 1900s. Solar pond pumps are the ecological alternative to to electric pumps.

Pdf salinity gradient solar ponds are green energy collectors. Design of a solar pond for solar energy storagerecovery. Design, construction, and operation of the first industrial salinitygradient solar pond in. Evaporation pond costs evaporation ponds are shallow, lined earthen basins in which concentrate evaporates naturally as a result of solar irradiation. The predicted performance of this solar pond given in chapter 4 reveals that the optimum thickness for ncz could be 1. For constructing a non convective solar ponds an insulated and doubleglazed covered salt gradient solar pond having a surface area 1. Design of a system to monitor and control solar pond. Pv and solar thermal collector module frames solar mounting systems attach the solar panel array to either the ground or rooftop for residential and commercial applications. This is the same process used to extract energy from deep ocean temperature gradients off japan. One logs the 1 pond temperature, 2 pump outlet temperature, 3 absorber drain to tank temperature, and 4 solar intensity with an apogee pyranometer. Researched designs include salt water ponds, gel ponds, and others such as shallow ponds with covers, deep ponds with glass or plastic containment devices.

Pond pumps solar pond pumps the pond outlet pond supplies. Designing solar water pumping systems for livestock. The 6000 sq m solar pond in bhuj supplied totally about 15,000 m3 of hot water to the dairy at an average temperature of 75oc between september 1993 and april 1995. Properly house and manage the battery system, should batteries be required. International journal of engineering research and general. Fish pond construction and management a field guide and. Introduction photovoltaic pv panels are often used for agricultural operations, especially in remote areas or where the use of an alternative energy source is desired. Design the system with a minimum of electrical losses due to wiring, fuses, switches, and inverters. This solar radiation is absorbed at the bottom of the pond. A sgsp is a pool of water about 1 5 m d eep, which contains dis solved salts to establish a stab le density.

Enreco pl built conversion units in the 1970s powered by hot water from the great artesian basin of up to 150kw one of these is still functional at birdsville. A salinity gradient solar pond is a lowcost solar collector with long term thermal storage capability. The floating aerators integrated solar panel absorbs power from the sun. Also explore the seminar topics paper on solar pond technology with abstract or synopsis, documentation on advantages and disadvantages, base paper presentation slides for ieee final year chemical engineering chem or ieee chemical btech, be, mtech students for the year 2015 2016. The information comes from the field experience and observation of land users, engineers, conservationists, and other specialists. The solar powered air pump kit is ideal to oxygenate fish ponds and works anywhere the sun shines. This paper describes in detail, the experience solar ponds were constructed in bhavnagar, pongained during construction and operation of the dicherry, bangalore and other places. Explore solar pond technology with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format. Salinity gradient solar pond sgsp can be attractive renewable source to heat the.

Pdf, provides stepbystep instructions for using a microsoft excel spreadsheet to perform necessary calculations for designing a solar pumping system. The village will have a constant water demand although there is need to store water for periods of low insolation low solar radiation. Fish pond construction and management a field guide and extension manual author. Ponds planning, design, construction agriculture handbook 590 temporary pool stage p. A very productive, enjoyable, and relatively maintenancefree pond will be the result of proper planning and management.

India has done a remarkable job in terms of deployment of renewable energybased installations, growing almost 3. A solar pond is a pool of saltwater which collects and stores solar thermal energy. A solar pond is a largearea collector of solar energy resembling a pond that stores heat, which is then available to use for practical purposes. Salinity gradient solar ponds are green energy collectors. Design methodology for a salt gradient solar pond coupled with an evaporation pond. The bhuj solar pond project was conceived as a research and development project to demonstrate the feasibility of using a salt gradient solar pond to deliver industrial process heat in the indian context.

Jan 05, 2017 solar pond a solar pond is a body of water that collects and stores solar energy. Solarpowered water pump design spreadsheet version ii. The design of solar ponds reduces either convection orevaporation in order to store the heat collected by the pond. Background solar powered water pumps are comprised of three basic components. The design includes two 100 watt solar panels, a 100 amp hour battery, a charge controller, a 60 watt air pump, tubing and wires.

Solar ponds are cheap to build, requiring only land, pond liner and saltwater. On the other hand the evaporation pond design was reported in 33. A solar pond is a large area solar collector that uses water a pond between one to four meters deep as a working material for collection of radiant energy and its conversion into heat up to 95 c, storage of heat and transport of thermal energy out of the system. Iec 61215 terrestrial photovoltaic pv modules design qualification and type approval iec 612151 part 1. Pdf design of a system to monitor and control solar pond. Ensure the design meets local utility interconnection requirements. A solar pond is a shallow body of water which acts as a solar collector with integral heat storage for supplying thermal energy. Solar pond technology seminar report, ppt, pdf for chemical.

Consult with your authorized helix retailer or an authorized helix contractor who. Solar energy conversion and photoenergy systems vol. Next, continue to the first design sheet by clicking on the solar resource sheet tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Product title koolscape 270 gal liner pond kit with solar light average rating.

The pv installation was set on a concrete pontoon above the reservoir. Solar pond a solar pond is a body of water that collects and stores solar energy. Although research on the practical applications of solar ponds did not begin until the late 1940s, a natural lake particularly wellsuited for use as a solar pond was discovered in the transylvania region of eastern europe in the. The solar pond possesses a thermal storage capacity spanning the seasons.

For rooftop installations, a variety of frame designs are used depending on whether the system is mounted to a pitched or flat. A solar pond is a mass of shallow water about 1 or 2 metres deep with a large collection area,which acts as a heat trap. Solar ponds are suitable for desalination plants as waste brine from desalination can be used as the salt source for establishing density gradient. The solar pond is a solar collector and seasonal heat storage. So, for the present design of the pond, a depth of 1. Systems solar gradient ponds evaporation ponds deliverable 1. Theschematic representation of salinitygradient solar pond1. It is estimated that the beneficiary of the project, kutch dairy can save over 935 mt of lignite per year if solar pond is utilized to its full capacity. Salts like magnesium chloride, sodium chloride or sodium nitrate are dissolved in the water, the concentration being densest at the bottom 20% to 30% and. Solar energy will warm a body of water that is exposed to the sun, but the water loses its heat unless some method is used to trap it. It is designed to supply about 22,000,000 kwh citation needed of thermal energy annually. The construction of the pond with a tated a large degree of.

Permanent stormwater system maintenance and responsibility agreement under the south carolina stormwater management and sediment reduction act of 1991 481410, et. Pond design variants include micropool ed ponds, wet ponds, wet ed ponds, and multiple pond systems. Stormwater ponds may also provide channel protection storage volume cpv and overbank flood control qp through stormwater detention above the wqv storage. Solar ponds and its applications linkedin slideshare. Design guideline for grid connected pv systems 8 when selecting a solar module to be used in a grid connected pv system the solar modules shall meet the following iec standards.

A solar pond can be used for various application such as process heating desalination, refrigeration, drying, and solar power generation. Design methodology for a salt gradient solar pond coupled. We address study design and suggest protocols for conducting monitoring studies to estimate the abundance of dead animals at each of three types of solar facility. Mortality monitoring design for utilityscale solar power. Thus the results of the present study are comparable with the results of other investigators using entirely different pond models. The solar pond successfully demonstrated the expediency of the technology by supplying 80,000 litres of hot water daily to the plant. The solar powered diffuser system was preferred over the solar powered venturi system because it scored slightly higher in an alternatives matrix and had a lower unit cost per mass of oxygen delivered. Solar ponds do not use tracking systems such as mirrors, nor do they concentrate the suns rays like many other solar energy technologies. To create electricity from the solar pond hot water is also a well understood technology.

The bottom of the pond is generally lined with a durable plastic liner made from material such as black polythene and hypalon reinforced with nylon mesh. Design the system in compliance with all applicable building and electrical codes. Design of a solar pond for solar energy storagerecovery and. But several important disadvantages to solar ponds may render them unworkable as a useful method of storing the suns energy. A wet pond shall be designed to capture the design storm and release it slowly over a period of two to five days via a properly design outlet structure. Principle of a solar pond in a clear natural pond about 30 solar radiation reaches a depth of 2 metres. The solar pond,which is actually a large area solar collector is a simple technology that usesa pond between one to four metres deep as a working material. Apr 23, 20 the more specific terms saltgradientsolar pond or nonconvecting solar pond are also used. Design of small photovoltaic pv solarpowered water pump. A solar pond is a body of water that collects and stores thermal energy. The pond boss solar aerator is a great product to help increase aeration in your pond. A solar pond can store solar heat much more efficiently than a body of waterof the same size because the salinity gradient prevents convection currents.

Solar pumps by sunny pump fit all sizes of ponds, and run completely on solar energy. Over 20 million litres of hot water supplied to the dairy between september 1993 and march 1997. The first site, stone hill estates, is a residential development near ithaca. The hotter water at the bottom becomes lighter and hence rises to the surface.

Solar pond technology has made substantial progress in the last fifteen years. In chapter 21, which is the last chapter of the regular text, we discuss solar fuels, which allow to store solar energy on the long term in the form of chemical energy. Brine is allowed to evaporate in ponds while the remaining salts accumulate in the base of the pond 1. It utilizes a large body of saline water with increasing density gradient from top to bottom that absorb solar radiation and stores the thermal energy. The second is used during draws, and logs the pipe coil inlet and outlet temperatures and the pond temperature on 1 second intervals during the water draw. In chapter 20 we introduce different concepts related to solar thermal energy. One of the strengths of aluminum extrusion frame components is the ease with which they can be adapted to different size. It contains dissolved salts to generate a stable density gradient. Solar panels the type and number of solar panels required are a function of. Power generation from solar pond using thermoelectric.

The convertor is called an organic rankine cycle engine an orc engine for short named after a 19th century engineer. The layers of salt solutions increase in concentration and therefore density with depth. The savings to the dairy to the tune of about 935 mt of lignite per year at full capacity utilisation of solar pond. The first outlet in the structure is designed to be above the bottom of the pond, thus creating a permanent pool of water.

Optimum conditions for the design of a solar pond have been. Energy is capturedby creating a temperature gradient across the depth of the pond. A solar pond is often brought up as an example of a power source that developing countries can easily operate. Solar ponds have been simple and low cost solar energy system for a relatively longer period of time and very stable with the intermittent supply of solar energy. Australian solar ponds pl now disbanded built an experimental 0. It is easy to install, 100% solar powered and has zero additional cost. The purpose of this dissertation was the development of a solar pond system design computer model which incorporates a number of unique features which might help to improve the validity of simulation results and the design and performance of solar ponds. Water warmed by the sun expands and rises as it becomes less dense. Solar pond definition of solar pond by the free dictionary. Solar pond, any large humanmade body of salt water that collects and stores solar energy, thereby providing a sustainable source of heat and power. Constructal design of saltgradient solar pond fields. A solar pond is simply a pool of saltwater which collects and stores solar thermal energy. Surface water sources and livestock livestock, crops, and people often depend upon surface sources of water streams, ponds.

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