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About the urantia book posted on goodreads september 18, 2009 this is my favorite book. Daily inspirational quotes about life the urantia book. This is an invitation to all urantia book readers to join me in the celebration of my birthday by helping me follow the clues about what to give jesus for his birthday. Birth and infancy of jesus urantia book paper 122 youtube. Its theme is appropriate to our historical celebration of this momentous event at this time of year. Birth and infancy of jesus the urantiapapers youtube channel enables you to listen to. In some parts of the world it is already december 25th, except by mistake, countries like japan, philippines, australia, new zealand, among others. I sometimes wish i could help young people in our community who suffer from low selfesteem, feelings of worthlessness, even being unforgiven for their weaknesses. Identification of item, urantia book historical society, inc. It is a real eye opener and i consider it a very enhanced version of the bible. The real disease is the virus of national sovereignty 4. The united urantia family is beyond pleased to announce our 2016 family festival gathering from august 1023, 2016 in the holy land of jesus during jesus birthday on sunday august 21 which will be celebrated in nazareth itself the land of his youth.

Even though we urantia book students know the true date of the masters birth is aug. It is the most complete, informative, reassuring, stimulating, mindblowing, and inspiring book i have ever read. I think if we follow them together, they will lead us someplace wonderful. The bible has been the exclusive resource for the details of jesus life for centuries, but now, the urantia book restates the jesus story with rich and replete detail seen nowhere else. This narrative spans his life from his birth in bethlehem to his death in. However, the authors do not say if this is a julian calendar date or a proleptic gregorian calendar date. I was born a russianpolish jew in santiago, chile, in 1953. Letters to the editor news, sports, jobs maui news. Urantia book historical society archive online archive of california. If you wish to read the plain text version of the book.

Forum friends, every year around august 21st readers of the urantia book gather with other believers to acknowledge and celebrate the first day of the incarnation of jesus of nazareth on urantia. By the time the roman empire legalized christianity in the 4th century, most of the other religions in the empire were celebrating the birth of their gods on. The following talk was given on jesus birthday, august 21, 1979, at a meeting of students of the urantia book in the authors home in the netherlands. Now we know that jesus was born on august 21st and not december 25th. The urantia book part iv the life and teachings of jesus this group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a melchizedek revelatory director. The teachings traverse concepts of the universe, life and teachings of jesus from a christian perspective, and. Shop for the perfect urantia gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. Sharing the urantia book is paramount, like sharing a beautiful experience. The externals of the catholic church celebrating jesus birthday. Although there is no official religion based upon the urantia book, there are groups, like the jesusonian foundation, who teach others what is contained in the urantia book. Happy birthday, jesus of course, jesus doesnt pay attention to his urantia birthday.

Christmas time is dear to all of us because we are not insensitive to its romantic atmosphere. The urantia book paper 122 birth and infancy of jesus 122. Now, i would like to jump ahead about 15 or so years. The urantia book was the answer, and he immediately set out to read it all within two months and could recite passages from it. This panoramic narrative includes his birth, childhood, teenage years, adult travels and adventures, public ministry, crucifixion, and 19 resurrection appearances. Jun 10, 2009 sadlers study group submitted written questions to the contactee and eventually came to believe the urantia papers were a new revelation from god, on a par with the incarnation of jesus christ. The great cult mystery christian research institute. That is, does the date refer to the calendar that was in use at that time. Jesus birthday in his homeland urantia association. Urantia book, a work intended to be seen and studied by millions in the. The time is upon us once again when most of the worlds christians celebrate the traditional birth of jesus christ. A third of the urantia book is the inspiring story of jesus entire life and a revelation of his original teachings. It was his great desire to bring something to the french people for soul growth.

Your birthday and death day are always on the same day, and christmas is supposed to be jesus birthday, but the urantia book says jesus was born aug. The fact that urantia was a decimal planetthat the life carriers had permission to attempt new features of biologic evolutionis information not heretofore known on the planet. Read the story of the first christmas, and all of the other beloved stories of jesus life free on our site. This inviting, fullcolor, illustrated picture book tells a story of forest animals preparing for a big and exciting event. The original text contains no visuals so weve added some for your enjoyment. The new meaning of christmas, prepared by mark kuliek, march 1992, revised march 1994 page 4 of 4 of religious meaning to christmas and moderate the material aspects of this holiday.

However, the whole world celebrates christmas as the birth date of jesus on december 25th. Paper 122 birth and infancy of jesus urantia book urantia. The urantia book states that the source of the biblical account of the star of bethlehem of three wise men fame, was conjunctions of the planets saturn and jupiter in the constellation of pisces on may 29, september 29, and december 5 of the year 7 b. For the first time during the christian era, we know the real birthday of jesusaugust 21, 7 bc. Urantia book paper 7 tarrying time in galilee duration. The urantia chronicles squarecircles urantia book sources. Revealing the mysteries of god, the universe, world history, jesus, and ourselves paperback june 1, 2008. A number of friends had praised its teachings on evolution, and that christmas a girlfriend. The urantia book paper 124 the later childhood of jesus 124. Over the course of some two thousand years, the truth about this event has suffered distortion, both intentional and accidental, but the possibility of learning the actual historical truth of his birth, life, and teachings became real in. Dec 24, 2015 the birth of jesus of nazareth is the most significant celestial event ever to occur on our world, urantia. If you wish to read the plain text version of the book, please click. The urantia book says, war is not mans great and terrible disease. Jesus, the urantia book, religion adds meaning genuine religion takes nothing away from human existence, but it does add new meanings to all of life.

Jan 02, 2020 the urantia foundation began publishing the urantia book in 1955. In january the flowers began to bloom, and by the end of april the whole land was one vast flower garden. The ub inspires me to pray, worship, paint, sculpt, create art videos on revelation, and further my knowledge 360 degrees. Make plans now with your local group to celebrate this new tradition with a reading and reenactment of the passover mealthe. Urantia book paper 122 birth and infancy of jesus youtube.

It was due to the message regarding christmas that several celebrations were held by first urantia society in chicago in the 1980s attempting to. It was almost half past seven oclock this thursday morning, may 18, when jesus arrived on the western slope of mount olivet with his eleven silent and somewhat bewildered apostles. We know from the urantia book that jesus date of birth occurred in august, not december. This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a melchizedek revelatory director. Detailed contents of the illustrated urantia book this is the 2010 standardized text of the urantia book. This is the illustrated version of the urantia book. Inner circle members funded its printing, and the first edition finally appeared in 1955, weighing in at 2,097 pages. The real date of christmas the urantia book and the life. This is the 2010 standardized text of the urantia book. This book is a heartwarming reminder to children that christmas isnt about santa or asking for presents. The urantia book a biblical worldview perspective probe. May 27, 2004 for example, contrary to the testimony of jesus in the new testamentthat the scriptures are the word of god matt.

The urantia book says that jesus was born at noon, august 21, 7 b. The early christians did not celebrate jesus birth because they considered. How i found urantia book and how it changed my life. When we give or receive christmas gifts, and hang green wreaths in our homes and churches, how many of us know that we are probably observing pagan customs. Caroline gave her friend jacques weiss the urantia book in 1955 just after the book was published.

The urantia book sometimes called the urantia papers or the fifth epochal revelation is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in chicago some time between 1924 and 1955. See more ideas about earth book, spirituality, enlightment. Mar 30, 2004 the urantia book should be mandatory reading for all christians because the book has 700 pages devoted exclusively to the life and teachings of jesus christ. How the winter solstice was stolen by christmas opednews. I study the urantia book in spanish and french, and will soon be reading it in italian. Paper 124 the later childhood of jesus urantia book. There were only two seasons in palestine, summer and winter, the dry and rainy seasons. Holy nativity flag christmas flags inspirational flags holiday flags. Sep 01, 2014 a featurelength film exploring the environmental context for the life of jesus, his mission, his public work, and his core teaching about a kingdoma vast spiritual civilization which. The celebration was known as saturnalia and was adopted by the apostate church. It is difficult to summarize the urantia book, as it encompasses many subjects and ideas, from science to. Christmas and the meaning of the supreme being the urantia. Soon after, she was inspired to start her first ub pilgrimage to the holy land of jesus allowing urantia book readers to commune together while visiting the. Christmas is proof that god always keeps his promises.

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